Sapelo Island Cultural and Revitalization Society's mission is to preserve and revitalize the Hogg Hummock Community located on Sapelo Island, Georgia.
SICARS Initiatives
Community Education
SICARS believes that our community can take responsibility for our future only to the extent that we can develop an accountable, culturally educated, and well-informed membership.

Land Use and Community Planning
SICARS purpose is to address systemic threats to the survival of the community through land retention strategies, land use planning, and policy reform. These threats include tax and government planning agendas that directly affect our community and encourage or directly create the loss of descendant-owned land. A Community Land Trust has been developed and implemented by SICARS.

Sustainable Economic Development
The human community within our rural and resource-dependent environment holds the key to environmental growth and development. The challenge for SICARS and Hogg Hummock is to redirect today's economy both to sustain the environment and culture, and to position those descendants trapped in the economic bottom to take advantage of opportunities presented by our ever changing economic trends

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